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Month: February 2011

Communication On Top: Saudi Ministers in Social Media Presentation: Sultan Al Bazie, Saudi Arabia

I have been representing Russia on Communication On Top International forum in   Political communications section  with the “Why in Russia and the BRIC countries the e-government could stimulate economic development” report. Here is the presentation I’d like to share with you.

Today I would like to bring to your attention one of the best (in my opinion) presentations, it was presented by Sultan Al Baziу of Saudi Arabia.

I also got the opportunity to ask him some questions about e-government and e-officials in his country.

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Future Imperfect

When we look at the effects of technology on the future of our militaries we should remember that the past has shown that early adopters and pop media pundits will suffer from optimism bias and exaggerated both the pace and pervasiveness of changes in our society. For our part, our perceptions of the future will be shaped by military cultural and our risk adverse hierarchical environment. History has also shown there are no revolutionary technological changes, just the rapid evolution of those that exist.

The interface between man and machine will improve, allowing us to interact and assimilate information faster than ever. Culturally we will become knowledge nomads, global networkers and sifters of social media, taking threads of news, information and entertainment from the web and weaving it into our own personal data stream. These evolutionary jumps in technological will be fuelled by the symbioses of technology and culture and the paradox that the more technology affects culture the more it will be shaped by our expectations. With each technological advance we need to define and understand the social and ethical implications of using new technologies and their effects on military culture and ethos.

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